Ryan Li 3P Wins 2nd Transatlantic Professional Go League

Text credit: IGF – https://www.intergofed.org/igf-news-feed/ryan-li-3p-wins-2nd-transatlantic-professional-go-league.html

The second season of the Transatlantic Professional Go League (TPGL) concluded on July 17th with a best-of-five final match between American professionals Ryan Li 3p and Kevin Yang 1p. Ryan won three games straight, thus winning the match and the whole season.

European professionals Ilya Shikshin 4p and Artem Kachanovskyi 2p finished third and fourth, respectively.

It’s worth noting that Ryan Li won the first season of the TPGL as well; that time he defeated Ilya Shikshin 4p in the final.

For more details, such as the tournament table and game records, visit the web page of the event.

Below you can find a record of the third game of the final match between Ryan and Kevin.