Kevin Yang and Alexander Qi participate in the 5th MLILY Cup

From August 2nd to 6th, the 5th “MLILY Dream Lily Cup” World Go Open Tournament concluded the first stage of the competition in Zhengzhou, China. After three rounds of competition, China occupied all eight spots in the quarterfinals. The next stage of the tournament is set to be in May, 2024. The tournament had a ... Read More

Michael Chen Becomes the Newest NAGF Pro

Michael Chen has become the newest North American professional, sweeping Eric Lee 2-0 in the final of the North American Go Federation Professional Qualification Tournament. 2023 NAGF Pro Qualification Tournament was sponsored by the Iwamoto North American Foundation for Go (INAF), and organized by the San Francisco Go Club. The Pro Qualification Tournament results, standings ... Read More

Qualification Tournament for Shin-An World Baduk Masters

Shin-An World Baduk Masters is a professional tournament in South Korea for players over 45 years old. The North American Go Federation, along with the San Francisco Go Club, will host a qualification tournament to select one player to represent North America in this tournament. For North America, both professional and amateur players are accepted. ... Read More

Ryan Li Promoted to Professional 4 Dan

Ryan Li has been promoted to Professional 4 dan, after he reached 60 points from winning the 2022 North American Professional Go Championship. News about the North American Professional Go Championship can be found here ( The North American Go Federation (NAGF) rank promotion policy can be found on the NAGF’s website here (

Kevin Yang wins the 2022 China – North America Youth New Pro Tournament

Kevin Yang 1P won the 2022 China – North America Youth New Pro Tournament by defeating Alexander Qi 1P in the final round. The 2022 China – North America Youth New Pro Tournament was hosted and organized by the Chinese Weiqi Association as part of the 2022 Youth Weiqi Forum. A total of four professional ... Read More

Kevin Yang 1P Wins Lanke Cup Preliminary Round

Kevin Yang 1P has won the preliminary round of the 1st Quzhou Lanke Cup World Weiqi Open Tournament, an international professional event organized by the Chinese Weiqi Association. Yang will represent North America in the tournament, which kicks off December 24, 2022. The 1st Quzhou Lanke Cup offers a prize of 1,800,000 RMB (about $250,000 ... Read More

Meet the NAGF’s newest pros in a live streaming event!

On Sunday, July 24 from 10 AM to 11:30 AM Pacific Time, the AGA Twitch Channel will stream an online event featuring new pros Kevin Yang 1P and Alexander Qi 1P, hosted by Devin Fraze. During the 90-minute event, Kevin and Alexander will review one game each from the Pro Qualification Tournament, and answer questions ... Read More

Kevin Yang and Alexander Qi Certified as New NAGF Professional Players

Text credit AGA – Kevin Yang and Alexander Qi topped a competitive field at the North American Go Federation’s (NAGF) 2022 Pro Qualification tournament this week. Click here for final standings, game records and links to video commentaries. Held at the National Go Center in Washington D.C., the pro qualifier featured eleven top North American amateurs ... Read More

NAGF Announces New Professional Rank Promotion System

The North American Go Federation (NAGF) has published its new professional rank promotion system, opening the way for NAGF pros to earn higher ranks based on performance in professional tournaments. The new system will be applied to all the NAGF-certified professional players retroactively. As a result, Ryan Li and Eric Lui have been promoted to ... Read More