2024 Pro Qualification Tournament Rules

Overview Dates: Round of 16: June 16 – 17Quarter-final round: June 17-18Semi-final Round: June 19 – 20Final Round: June 20 – 21 Venue: College André-Grasset, Montreal, Canada Tournament Director: Jean-Sébastien Lechasseur Match Start Times: Morning: 9:30 AM / Afternoon: 2:30 PM Time Limit: 75 minutes main time + 1 minute / 5 times byo-yomi Game ... Read More

2024 Shin-An World Baduk Masters Qualification Tournament Announcement

Shin-An World Baduk Masters is a professional tournament in South Korea for players over 45 years old. The North American Go Federation, along with the San Francisco Go Club, will host a qualification tournament to select one player to represent North America in this tournament. For North America, both professional and amateur players are accepted. ... Read More

The 2024 NAGF Pro Qualification Tournament Announced

The North American Go Federation (NAGF) will hold the 2024 Pro Qualification Tournament at College André-Grasset, Montreal, Canada from June 16 to 21, 2024. The NAGF will certify one player from this tournament as the new professional player. For more information on the tournament, including eligibility requirements, please refer to the official document here. The ... Read More

EGF Team Scores a Win, Ending Transatlantic Team Match With NAGF Ahead 2-1

The European Go Federation (EGF) team brought an invaluable 2-1 win in the last round, avoiding a total sweep. With this final round result, the Transatlantic Professional Go Team Championship 2023 concluded with a 2-1 victory for the North American Go Federation (NAGF) team. The biggest surprise of the round came from the first board, ... Read More

NAGF Wins Transatlantic Team Match

The North American Go Federation (NAGF) team clinched a triumphant 3-0 victory over the European Go Federation (EGF) in the second round of the Transatlantic Professional Go Team Championship, securing their lead in the 2023 event. On the first board, Kevin Yang 1P defeated Artem Kachanovskyi 2P in an intense game  (game). The second board ... Read More

NAGF Team Dominates Opening Round of the Transatlantic Team Match Against EGF

The 2023 Transatlantic Professional Go Team Championship made a thrilling debut on September 16, with the North American Go Federation (NAGF) achieving a resounding 3-0 victory over the European Go Federation (EGF) in the opening round. The excitement was palpable as Ryan Li 4P, on the first board, secured a win by resignation against Andrii ... Read More

Transatlantic Professional Go Team Championship 2023 Announced

The eagerly anticipated professional team championship between the North American Go Federation (NAGF) and the European Go Federation (EGF) is coming back for a second edition. In the previous tournament in 2019, the EGF team defeated the North American team by 5-3 in a win-and-continue format. This time, the tournament will again be played online, ... Read More

Kevin Yang and Alexander Qi participate in the 5th MLILY Cup

From August 2nd to 6th, the 5th “MLILY Dream Lily Cup” World Go Open Tournament concluded the first stage of the competition in Zhengzhou, China. After three rounds of competition, China occupied all eight spots in the quarterfinals. The next stage of the tournament is set to be in May, 2024. The tournament had a ... Read More

Michael Chen Becomes the Newest NAGF Pro

Michael Chen has become the newest North American professional, sweeping Eric Lee 2-0 in the final of the North American Go Federation Professional Qualification Tournament. 2023 NAGF Pro Qualification Tournament was sponsored by the Iwamoto North American Foundation for Go (INAF), and organized by the San Francisco Go Club. The Pro Qualification Tournament results, standings ... Read More

2023 NAGF Pro Qual Starts this Sunday

Eleven of North America’s top go players will gather in San Francisco next week for the North American Go Federation’s 2023 Pro Qualification Tournament. Top-board games at the event, which begins this Sunday, August 6, will stream on the AGA’s homepage. The competitors include Michael Chen 7D, Emil Garcia 5D, Eric Lee 6D, Stephen (Dong-Lien) Lin ... Read More