2024 Pro Qualification Tournament Rules


Dates:Round of 16: June 16 – 17
Quarter-final round: June 17-18
Semi-final Round: June 19 – 20
Final Round: June 20 – 21
Venue:College André-Grasset, Montreal, Canada
Tournament Director:Jean-Sébastien Lechasseur
Match Start Times:Morning: 9:30 AM / Afternoon: 2:30 PM
Time Limit:75 minutes main time + 1 minute / 5 times byo-yomi
Game Rules:AGA Rules

Tournament Formats

  • 2 players play a best of three match for each round.
  • The match winner moves to the next round.
  • The 3rd game isn’t played if the match completes 2-0.
  • Game 1 and Game 3(if needed) in each match Nigiri for color.
  • The bracket structure will be announced later.
  • The player list is as follows (players are listed alphabetically):
Tianyi ChenBen Mantle
Jeremiah DonleyNate Morse
Joel KennyGuanyu Song
Eric LeeMichael Guyue Xu
Paige LemasterEric Yoder
Valerie LewisSen Zhan
Bill LinEdward Zhang
Stephen LinTony Zhao

Other notes

  • Triple Ko/Super Ko: TD decides a draw. We will continue the tournament with the draw, and use the tie-breaking rules when needed.
  • Nigiri: The older player gets white for nigiri (following Go custom). The player who wins the guessing game chooses the color.
  • There will be no meal break during a game.
  • For any unexpected situations, the TD will make the final decision.
  • Players are not allowed to have any electronic devices with them during a match. “Electronic devices” includes phones, tablets, smart watches, etc. There will be a place to store personal devices during each game. The venue will use a hand-held metal detector to check players for forbidden items.
  • Observers are not allowed to communicate with players at any time during a match.