Transatlantic Professional Go League Announced

The North American Go Federation (NAGF) is joining the European Go Federation’s (EGF) Pro League to form a new Transatlantic Pro League, starting on May 15th.

All EGF-certified and NAGF-certified pros have been invited to compete. Six European pros (Ilya Shikshin 4P, Ali Jabarin 2P, Artem Kachanovski 2P, Pavol Lisy 2P, Andrii Kravets 1P, Tanguy le Calve 1P) and two North American pros (Ryan Li 3P, Calvin Sun 1P) confirmed participation. In addition, the EGF held a qualification round for top European amateur players, in which Remi Campagnie 6D and Oscar Vazquez 6D earned a seat in the league. The 10 Pro League competitors are divided into two groups, and the top two players from each group will advance to the play-off.

The league is sponsored by the EGF, NAGF, AI Sensei (an AI-powered Go study website) and BadukPop (a beginner-friendly mobile Go app). The prize money for the winner is €1000 EUR.

League games will be live-streamed on the EGF Twitch Channel ( on Saturdays and Sundays from 12:00 Eastern Time (18:00 Central European Time) starting May 15th.

For more information about the league, please visit