2022 NAGF Pro Qualification Tournament Begins Coming Sunday

The North American Go Federation (NAGF) is organizing the 2022 Pro Qualification Tournament next week from June 26 to July 1 at the National Go Center in Washington, DC.

The top two players from this tournament will be certified by the NAGF as professional 1 dan. Also, the NAGF offers prize money of $2,000 USD for the winner and $1,000 USD for second-place player.

The preliminary round is a round-robin competition in two divisions, where the top two players from each division advance to the semi-final round. The first semi-final round is a single match. The first final round, the losers bracket, and the second final round are best-of-three matches.

Selected games of the pro qualification tournament will be live-broadcast on KGS without commentary.

The list of players and the tournament rules can be found here: https://nagofed.org/docs/2022-pro-qualification-rules.pdf