NAGF Wins Transatlantic Team Match

The North American Go Federation (NAGF) team clinched a triumphant 3-0 victory over the European Go Federation (EGF) in the second round of the Transatlantic Professional Go Team Championship, securing their lead in the 2023 event.

On the first board, Kevin Yang 1P defeated Artem Kachanovskyi 2P in an intense game  (game). The second board witnessed Ryan Li 4P scoring a win over Ali Jabarin 2P after a long and fierce battle (game). Michael Chen 1P, the newest NAGF pro, emerged victorious against Tanguy Le Calve 1P on the third board (game). More details about the tournament results can be found here.

This round was streamed live on the EGF Twitch channel (here), featuring insightful commentary by Eric Lui 2P and Stanislaw Frejlak 1P. The matches unfolded in public on the Online Go Server (OGS), attracting hundreds of live observers to witness the strategic brilliance and competitive spirit of the NAGF and EGF teams.

Round Three will take place October 7 starting at 12:30 pm US Eastern time. The matchups for this round are:

  • Board 1: Artem Kachanovskyi 2P vs. Ryan Li 4P
  • Board 2: Ali Jabarin 2P vs. Eric Lui 2P
  • Board 3: Stanislaw Frejlak 1P vs. Alexander Qi 1P