Kevin Yang and Alexander Qi Certified as New NAGF Professional Players

Text credit AGA – Kevin Yang and Alexander Qi topped a competitive field at the North American Go Federation’s (NAGF) 2022 Pro Qualification tournament this week. Click here for final standings, game records and links to video commentaries. Held at the National Go Center in Washington D.C., the pro qualifier featured eleven top North American amateurs ... Read More

2022 NAGF Pro Qualification Tournament Plans

The North American Go Federation (NAGF) will hold the 2022 Pro Qualification Tournament at the National Go Center in Washington, D.C. from June 26 to July 1, 2022. Because last year’s tournament was canceled due to covid, the NAGF will certify the top two players from this tournament as new professional players. For more information ... Read More

NAGF Announces Next-Generation Exhibition Match

The North American Go Federation (NAGF) is hosting exhibition games for North American players. The matches will be between promising young players and professionals. The event details are also available on the NAGF website. When: Saturday December 11th, at 7PM EST (4pm PST) Where: The games will be played online on OGS, and broadcast on the AGA twitch channel. ... Read More

Ryan Li Wins the 1st Transatlantic Pro League

Ryan Li, an NAGF-certified professional 3 dan, defeated EGF pro Ilya Shikshin 4P by 2-0 in the best-of-three final of the 1st Transatlantic Pro League, which took place on August 15. Li wins the €1,000 prize along with the Transatlantic Pro League title. The video from the live commentary event can be viewed at ... Read More

NAGF Pro Qualification Tournament Postponed

Due to growing concerns about the Covid outbreak across the US, the NAGF Pro Qualification Tournament has been postponed.  The main reasons for this decision were: New Covid cases are growing rapidly across the US, including in Washington DC, which hosts the National Go Center, the venue for this tournament. The Delta variant is known ... Read More

Transatlantic Professional Go League Announced

The North American Go Federation (NAGF) is joining the European Go Federation’s (EGF) Pro League to form a new Transatlantic Pro League, starting on May 15th. All EGF-certified and NAGF-certified pros have been invited to compete. Six European pros (Ilya Shikshin 4P, Ali Jabarin 2P, Artem Kachanovski 2P, Pavol Lisy 2P, Andrii Kravets 1P, Tanguy ... Read More

NAGF Announces New Professional Rank Promotion System

The North American Go Federation (NAGF) has published its new professional rank promotion system, opening the way for NAGF pros to earn higher ranks based on performance in professional tournaments. The new system will be applied to all the NAGF-certified professional players retroactively. As a result, Ryan Li and Eric Lui have been promoted to ... Read More

Plans for the 2021 Pro Qualification Event

The North American Go Federation is organizing the 2021 Pro Qualification Tournament to certify one new professional player. The event details are as follows: Dates: Summer 2021 (Tentative – final dates to be announced in May) Duration: 6 days (Tentative – final duration to be announced in May) Rules: Tournament Director: Jeff ShaevelMatch Format: Details ... Read More